Class Information

Class Location

All of our classes are held in the basement of Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church, located at 6474 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230 (right next door to Archbishop McNicholas High School).

Current Classes

18 Month - 2 Year Old (30 Minute Class)

This exploratory introduction to gymnastics is designed for advanced walkers (about 18 months) to 2 year olds. Parent participation on the gymnastics floor is recommended, as we begin to shape basic balance, coordination, and turn-taking skill sets.  Many sensory tools are used to enhance the learning environment, including music, bean bags, bubbles, and color "parachutes," which complement the traditional gymnastics equipment (e.g., beams, bars, vaults) that is available for exploration.

Young 3s (30 Minute Class)

This introductory class is for children who are new to gymnastics, but do not show a need for parent assistance on the gymnastics floor. Most commonly, these are 3 year olds who are transitioning from our parent-participation introductory classes. In this class, children are encouraged to explore independence through instructor guidance, and also to begin learning core concepts such as patience, following directions, sharing, and physical coordination. Tools used to communicate these concepts include music, group activities, and basic gymnastics circuits.

3/4 Year Old (30 minute Class)

This class builds off of the concepts learned in the introductory classses. Children will begin to learn independence from their parents, as well as small group participation. Core concepts such as demonstrating patience, asking the teacher for help, taking turns with classmates, and expressing self-confidence will be encouraged. These concepts will be communicated through more advanced gymnastics circuits that will focus on strength, coordination, and basic gymnastics skills.

4/5 Year Old (30 minute Class)

This class is designed specifically for older preschool-aged children. In this class, the gymnasts will already have a basic understanding of core concepts such as taking turns, patience, sharing, and asking for help. The lesson plans are designed to be faster-paced, and seek to build each child’s self-confidence through more structured gymnastics training. Children will become more routinely able to complete skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and bridges, along with more advanced use of the other gymnastics events (e.g., vault, bars, and balance beam).

Advanced Preschool (30 minute Class) - By Invitation Only

In our most advanced class offering, gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional skill, self-confidence, focus, and coachability in prior classes will receive highly personalized gymnastics instruction, tailored to each gymnast's strengths. This class develops more difficult gymnastics skills through "event-based" training.  Evaluations for inclusion in this class are conducted by our coaching staff on an ongoing basis.