Why Eastside Gymnastics?

Our goal at Eastside Gymnastics is to encourage the development of happy and healthy children, using gymnastics and fitness programs as tools for this process.  Each lesson plan is designed with your child in mind, so that all program participants maintain a sense of accomplishment and pride in their progression!

Let’s explore just a few of the benefits that our classes at Eastside Gymnastics provide:

Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Participating in physical activity is important for children for a number of reasons. Regular activity can help maintain healthy body weight, blood pressure, and bone strength.

At Eastside Gymnastics, we help to foster childrens' love for fitness and movement. Our athletes will benefit from age- appropriate activities and exercises that they will take with them beyond the gym. 


Gymnastics instruction helps to develop better coordination and body awareness. Children learn through physical exploration, especially at younger ages. Gymnastics instruction is an ideal vehicle for improving full body coordination.


At Eastside Gymnastics, our curriculum is tailored to develop each child's coordination through fun and ever-changing activities.

Strength Development

Competitive gymnasts are, pound-for-pound, some of the strongest athletes in the sports world. Gymnastics employs, almost exclusively, use of the athlete's own body weight to develop upper body, lower body, and core strengths. Starting a child in gymnastics at an early age will gradually introduce this development, and will provide the tools to advance physically throughout his/her childhood. 

At Eastside Gymnastics, strength training is incorporated into every lesson plan through age-approriate activities that your child will enjoy!


Flexibility is important for injury prevention, both in and beyond the gymnastics world. No sport provides an athlete with flexibility training like gymnastics. Gymnastics incorporates both isotonic (active flexibility) and static (holding a stretch) exercises. 

At Eastside Gymnastics, we understand that many children want to just "dive right in" to class activities, and would prefer to skip the pre-class stretching. As a result, we have designed our program to incorporate healthy static stretching through a series of fun activities at the beginning of each class. Following static stretching, our lesson plans then incorporate isotonic stretching through class exercises.

Social Development

From a young age, gymnastics classes provide an opportunity for children to develop social skills. For example, younger children learn how to stand in line with peers, listen to teacher instructions, and respect other classmates when they are asking a question or performing an individual skill, along with working and thinking independently. Older children, having already learned these valuable skills, are encouraged to ask why something works the way it does, or why certain exercises are being performed. Additionally, older children learn how to set a good example for the younger athletes in the gym, who often look up to their older peers.


At Eastside Gymnastics, we encourage our athletes to develop and grow socially during their time in our gym. 


Self-confidence is an important attribute for success in gymnastics, given the largely individual nature of the sport.


At Eastside Gymnastics, skills are learned through continual progression so that each child feels a sense of accomplishment as he/she masters new concepts. In our gym, each child is provided a weekly opportunity to demonstrate, individually, a skill that he/she has learned through class instruction. At Eastside Gymnastics, we believe that self-confidence is a life skill that can be used by our athletes in every avenue of their lives, and we are happy to help them foster this attribute through our unique instruction. 


While it is true that most of competitive gymnastics relies on individual performance, both recreational and competitive athletes remain part of a team. A gym of positive athletes who encourage one another's progress is important in maintaining a positive learning environment for each gymnast.

At Eastside Gymnastics, we emphasize these principles through team-building exercises and instruction that encourages each gymnast to play an active role in helping to foster a positive gym environment.